COVID-19 Vaccine

Important information about the COVID-19 vaccine

Pregnant women in Ireland are now able to get a COVID-19 vaccine between 14-36 weeks. It is important to take the vaccine as soon as it is offered to protect you and your baby.


Pregnant women will be offered a mRNA COVID-19 vaccine (Pfizer or Moderna). You will need 2 doses. The first dose should be at or after 14 weeks of pregnancy. The second dose should be before the end of 36 weeks of pregnancy.


If you are pregnant and have questions about the vaccine or would like to discuss if you should take it, please talk to your doctor or midwife. You can also see more information from the HSE here about the COVID-19 vaccine.


You can breastfeed after getting the vaccine. Please see information from the HSE here about breastfeeding and the COVID-19 vaccine.